Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Brush With Destiny: Sam's Introduction

Painting's my Game!

     Howdy folks!  My name is Sam.  I've been involved in table top gaming for almost four years.  Compared to the numerous veterans out there, that might not seem impressive.  It's not meant to be.  I just want to establish a frame of reference for what brought me here.  I play 40K (Space Marines, Blood Angels, Orks, Grey Knights, and Imperial Guard), dabbled in Firestorm Armada (Dindrenzi, and Aquans), and I'm looking forward to trying a few new games very soon (Warmachine, Infinity, and Relic Knights).  I've participated in exactly one (1) tournament (I did win it though) and a couple painting competitions (did very well in those) and I've become a huge fan of miniatures gaming.  I run a blog currently called Painting in Space, and there I chronicle my hobby achievements and sometimes I share some of my gaming experiences as well.

My first completed model on the left, and one of my latest completed models on the right

Where did I come from, where did I go?

     I was introduced to Warhammer 40K through the popular Dawn of War computer games series produced by Relic and published by THQ.  Specifically it was Dawn of War 2 that set the hook.  My initial interest was specifically set on the painting side of the hobby.

     I didn't have the amount of money required to jump into the game with both feet, and I didn't know if it was even something I would be interested in.  I purchased the Assault on Black Reach painting set.  This set had six horrible paints, one sub-par brush, and five finger-fit Bolter Space Marine models.  I diligently painted them up and felt pretty good.  I knew then what I must do: PAINT!

Let's Paint!
What do I bring to the table?

     What I hope to bring to you are bits of practical painting advice.  I've been working on improving my fundamental painting techniques, and I believe that these are techniques that almost anyone with a passing skill with a brush can emulate.  I hope to bring tutorials, tips, and spot light features on techniques that can improve your miniatures.

     I hope to help others get started in the hobby, expand their abilities and get the most enjoyment out of their investment into their miniatures.