Monday, January 22, 2018

Squiggoth Body Complete

He's Ready to Rumble!

     In just over a week, I was able to take this guy from raw resin to painted!  That's pretty good for a typically slow painter like myself.  I airbrushed the skin, only adding a moderate amount of dry brushing at the very end to highlight the scales.  The armor plating was base coated a dark brown, then I added salt to be removed later for realistic paint chipping.  I then coated over the salt and the dark brown with my typical orange base.  Then, with some water and a big brush, I removed the salt.

     The salt technique is great, but it really shines when you do multiple layers with different shades representing different stages of rust and even fresh chips with bright metal.  I feel like I actually could have applied more salt, but I chickened out a bit.  That's silly because I could have always just applied my top coat to cover up the chips I didn't want.

     Another "technique" I got to use for the first time on this model was the blood effects from the Citadel Technical Paints line called "Blood for the Blood God."  This paint applies simply, dries glossy, and isn't opaque.  It so quickly helped bring this model to life, telling a story of the wounds recently suffered in battle.

     I've begun work on the platform, and I've included some photos of that below as well.  Here are some glamour shots:

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Completed Ork Mek

Fixed 'im up real nice, Boss!

     Another model done and I'm trying to keep the momentum going.  This was a fun model and actually will be the first Kustom Blasta in my Ork army.  I genuinely hope that the very first time I use it, it blows up in his face.  Just get that over and done right up front.

     Next up is the Squiggoth.  I did some repairs on that model but there's a few touch ups left before I can start painting.  If I push it, I might be able to prime it tomorrow night.  I'll have a WIP update on that.

     Here are some more close-ups of the Mek:

Ork Mek Work in Progress

Hit it with a wrench

     I assembled this Mek (or as I can't stop calling him "Mek Boy" from codices past) as part of my Burna Boys that I completed just recently.  I've always really enjoyed the concept of the Ork mechanic, hitting broken things with bigger heavier things in order to hopefully get them to work.  The idea that Ork technology is impossible, meaning it couldn't work were it not that the Orks are actually all psykers and their sheer force of will makes their inventions work is just enchanting to me.  I just wish I had that ability.

     I would also like to point out that this model represents something that sets Games Workshop apart from their competitors.  This Mek is an optional model that can be found as a part of a multi-unit build box.  The Burnas/Lootas box allows you to build your own Mek with a good number of options.  Essentially a custom character and he's just part of a multi-unit box.  Who else does that this well?

     This model should be finished in the next couple of days.  I'm really loving it and I hope it stands out in my army.

     Enough rambling, here's another shot:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Assembled Squiggoth

Beats an Uber, I can tell you that...

     I recently received this beast.  I was so taken with it that I rushed to assemble it.  Now I must admit that I've got a lot more clean-up ahead of me, but I'm excited to paint something this large that has a combination of flesh and metal.  I'm expecting that this model will offer some excellent practice with my airbrush.  Here are some more close-ups:
Marine and Burna Boy for scale. That marine is nearly 10 years old and part of the first squad I ever painted.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Completed Ork Burna Boys

Ork Burna Boys

     I've managed to complete my squad of Burna Boys.  I still have a Mek Boy to add to the group but he'll be coming shortly.  Certainly has been a long time since I've posted anything on here, and I hope to remedy that.  Look for more updates as to my expanding Ork army along with several other 40K projects.  Here are some close-ups of those pyromaniacs: