Friday, May 23, 2014

The Other OTHER Dice God: Ash

Nom, nom. Crunchy Power Armour coating, tender squishy human inside.

Wait, who's this guy?

Let's face it, we all know that one guy: the guy who just can't win a game. It doesn't matter what game he plays, what dice he uses, or what army he fields. The guy just can't win a game. That's me. I'm Ash, the Dice God of Despair. That picture above? My poorly painted Sister as she's devoured by unpainted Nids run by a new player. Never give up the faith! The faith is my shield! *chomp*

I'm pretty sure Sam got me into 40k so he could have some easy wins.

I haven't talked much about gaming on the blogs lately. Frankly, I've been out of the loop. I'm living out in the middle of nowhere with the Only Game In Town being a comic store that sells some 40k, but no X-Wing. (That's not the actual name of the store. But it should be.) I don't think they have a 40k community. At least they have Magic? That I don't play? Ugh.

So why are you here?

My point is that 7th Edition 40k is coming out. Man, it seems like it's only been a couple years since I was talking about the new changes in 6th Edition. Oh wait. It was. Like, the week of 16 July 2012. At least it sounds like the rules will be good. Unbound Force Orgs? I've been dreaming of this day. Sisters with Exorcists all day long. EXTERMINATUS just got serious. I'm talking Grey Knight Techmarines with Orbital Strike Relays all over the board. My Steel Dragons Chapter can have all the Devastators I can field. Cheese aside, I'm looking forward to reading the rules as soon as my digital edition can be downloaded.

So do you actually PLAY any 40k?

Erm, well, I did mention the lack of community where I am. However, this does not stop my love of talking about the game! And the occasional wistful glance at the boxes of miniatures I'll one day paint (I swear!). But not only do I like talking 40k, I also enjoy talking about X-Wing and other tabletop games. My heavy gaming of late has been Legend of the Five Rings using Roll20 and Skype. I try to get some Pathfinder in too.

Okay, fine. Tell us about your dreams and aspirations then.

. . . .

I think I just sassed myself. *cough* Right! I'm not the super painter dude that Sam is, but I love rules. I am not however, the type to wield them as a sword. I earn my losses fair and square. What I'm saying, I suppose, is that I enjoy analyzing the rules and what they mean from a more narrative standpoint. I care more about what the special rules say about the army than how the special rules make an army unbeatable if paired with some bizarre ally combination. I'm also a sucker for pretty models.

That's me. I'll be over here clicking "refresh" on my Black Library downloads page until I can read the new rules.

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  1. If you can have fun Losing a game you sir are the best kind of opponent!