Saturday, January 13, 2018

Completed Ork Mek

Fixed 'im up real nice, Boss!

     Another model done and I'm trying to keep the momentum going.  This was a fun model and actually will be the first Kustom Blasta in my Ork army.  I genuinely hope that the very first time I use it, it blows up in his face.  Just get that over and done right up front.

     Next up is the Squiggoth.  I did some repairs on that model but there's a few touch ups left before I can start painting.  If I push it, I might be able to prime it tomorrow night.  I'll have a WIP update on that.

     Here are some more close-ups of the Mek:

Ork Mek Work in Progress

Hit it with a wrench

     I assembled this Mek (or as I can't stop calling him "Mek Boy" from codices past) as part of my Burna Boys that I completed just recently.  I've always really enjoyed the concept of the Ork mechanic, hitting broken things with bigger heavier things in order to hopefully get them to work.  The idea that Ork technology is impossible, meaning it couldn't work were it not that the Orks are actually all psykers and their sheer force of will makes their inventions work is just enchanting to me.  I just wish I had that ability.

     I would also like to point out that this model represents something that sets Games Workshop apart from their competitors.  This Mek is an optional model that can be found as a part of a multi-unit build box.  The Burnas/Lootas box allows you to build your own Mek with a good number of options.  Essentially a custom character and he's just part of a multi-unit box.  Who else does that this well?

     This model should be finished in the next couple of days.  I'm really loving it and I hope it stands out in my army.

     Enough rambling, here's another shot:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Assembled Squiggoth

Beats an Uber, I can tell you that...

     I recently received this beast.  I was so taken with it that I rushed to assemble it.  Now I must admit that I've got a lot more clean-up ahead of me, but I'm excited to paint something this large that has a combination of flesh and metal.  I'm expecting that this model will offer some excellent practice with my airbrush.  Here are some more close-ups:
Marine and Burna Boy for scale. That marine is nearly 10 years old and part of the first squad I ever painted.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Completed Ork Burna Boys

Ork Burna Boys

     I've managed to complete my squad of Burna Boys.  I still have a Mek Boy to add to the group but he'll be coming shortly.  Certainly has been a long time since I've posted anything on here, and I hope to remedy that.  Look for more updates as to my expanding Ork army along with several other 40K projects.  Here are some close-ups of those pyromaniacs:

Monday, May 9, 2016

Order Sergeant Oh So Fancy

Another One Down
     Progress! As yet another week passes, I have another figure done. While I took the week (not solid) to complete this figure, I did show him some extra love.  With his slick and dynamic pose, cool and unique helmet,  and bad ass looking rifle, how could I not?  I am beginning to get my eye in on these Infinity models.  The fine details are and conventions are all foreign to me, but after three models completed, I think I understand what I'm looking at and how I want to paint the different bits of the model.
What's Next?
     Still four models remain from my Infinity stuff.  Once these are complete it will be time to return to the Sisters of Battle.  I must admit that my time away from the hobby is at least partially because of the Sisters.  Painting those old metal models in bulk is like a long roam across a parched featureless desert with endless dunes seeming to repeat forever off beyond the horizon.  I must charge on and find the end to the sands, perhaps these Infinity models were just the oasis I needed.
Here are some additional pictures of the completed Order Sergeant:

Monday, April 18, 2016

All My Paints Are Dry!

Back in the Saddle - Hobby Pledge
     It has been ages (approximately two years) since anything has been posted up here.  It's a shame.  I really enjoyed blogging my hobby through the years and I feel it's time for a return to form.  There came a time where I thought to myself "if I died tomorrow, who would paint all these stupid miniatures?  Not my three year old, that's for sure.  Besides I've seen him color... I can't let that happen to my beloved minis."

     With the image of my child's seemingly fever dream inspired scribblings being applied to my most precious resin figures, I made a vow then and there:  I will paint something.  More than that, really, as I've decided to make steady progress, blocking out time and keeping myself honest.

Canoness from a Sisters of Battle army I'm working on (Warhammer 40k)

Realistic Goals
     Now I'm certainly no stranger to the hobby game.  I've painted my fair share of the minis so I've learned a thing or two.  Like the Sun Tzu of painting (hyperbole fully engaged here) I arise from the wreckage of projects past, wisen and worn by time and countless samey metal models.  I know the taste of sweet victory but more importantly I have supped enormously at the table of defeat.  I've got to tone this down. A bit.

     Returning to Sun Tzu (briefly, I promise), and his oft quoted statement of knowing thy enemy, the same holds true when trying to establish a hobby pledge or goal or what-have-you.  The enemy, as in most goals you might have in life, is typically yourself.  Know your weaknesses and play to your strengths.  Here are the elements of my plan:

  • Mix it up - For me this means a variety of models to break the chain of monotony.  I have a breadth of models in my inventory now, and not being afraid to shift gears completely will keep me mentally engaged.  Getting bored of painting usually has more to do with the process than it ever is about the outcome.  We all typically revel in the product of the process, sometimes obsessively so.  When you're batch painting Orks though, the light at the end of that tunnel can seem very dim indeed.  Variety  will correct this and it also neatly brings me to my next point.

  • Small Batch - I used to paint batches of ten.  I then reduced that to five.  I might even further reduce that (at least temporarily) yet further still.  What small batch or single model painting loses me in efficiency it gains back in focus.  It's easy to be excited about the next model when it's only a single night's session away.  It's almost like (and I hate to use this analogy) chain smoking.  I'll be "riding the buzz" of completed models, pressing me onward to initially completing squads to eventually completing armies.
  • Scheduled Sessions - Model painting certainly isn't my only hobby.  Primarily I'm a PC gamer at heart.  Often times in the past I would choose spending time in a video game over painting quite readily.  Who can blame me, really?  Video games offer typically instant satisfaction.  Painting is no doubt a hobby that requires more patience but does not only offer a healthy dose of satisfaction and accomplishment at the end of a model, but also the physical manifestation of your dedication.  To ensure that I'm not placing my hobbies in competition with each other, I've decided to dedicate portions of a few nights a week to hobby progress.  That means those times not scheduled as such can be turned over to video games, the odd video program, or more hobby (should I choose).  Don't force yourself to constantly have multiple hobbies duke it out for attention during your free time.
War Jacks from a Cryx starter set (Warmachine)

Going Forward
     I hope that I can use this blog to keep myself honest, post what progress I've made on a weekly basis, and perhaps spark some conversation with people stopping by.  I'll be streaming on Twitch from time to time, I'll be sure to post that here when I do.  I sincerely enjoy sharing my knowledge of the miniatures painting hobby with newcomers so feel free to ask me any questions concerning the hobby you'd like.  I'll try my best to answer in a timely manner, pointing you in the right direction.

Pictures of my Progress
     I've babbled on at length, time to get to the point and show what I've achieved in the last week.  I've completed two models from the table top game called Infinity (think Xcom + Ghost in the Shell) by the company Corvus Belli.  I've had these models assembled and primed for about 4 years now so it was about time I put paint on them.  I hope you enjoy them.

More to come...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

An Inquisitor's Thoughts on 7th Edition

This is as pretty as they get.

I've had the weekend to think about the new rules, how they'll affect the game, and the quality of Games Workshop's eBook editions.

The Good

First off, the changes to army composition. My mind literally cannot comprehend what it's going to do. It's too busy being inordinately excited about the possibilities. Unbound armies? You can run an old school Inquisitor with Storm Troopers leading squads of Sisters and Grey Knights with Storm Talon support. The possibilities are intoxicating. Yes, I'm thinking of having a small troupe of Inquisitors driving a swarm of Tyranids at their opposition. ALL OF THAT IS POSSIBLE NOW.

But what's crazier is that you can do these combinations as Battle-Forged armies as long as you fill out the Detachments. There are no limits on the number or types of Detachments you include in a Battle-Forged army. Inquisitors have an extremely light Detachment requirement. It can simply be a single Inquisitor. Or you can have them as part of a GK Detachment. A Canoness with a squad of Battle Sisters fills an Allied Detachment. Storm Troopers? I haven't looked into the Militarum Tempestus codex, but it likely has a small Detachment included to allow you to add them to larger armies. Storm Talons a little trickier, but Throw a SM Captain and some Tac Marines in and you can add them.

To a fluff gamer, the changes are an amazing boon. To a WAAC player, they are as well, however there is an important caveat one must consider: the rule book itself says that players need to agree on limitations on unit numbers, composition, etc. When it comes to tournaments, expect specific restrictions on Force Organization. When playing friendly games, play friendly. Just because the rules technically allow you to field all the most overpowered unit combinations you muster . . . don't expect others to ever play against them unless that's what they're looking to fight.

In addition, the Psychic Phase will change things tremendously. Sam will likely discuss it in more depth, but I do like what it does for the game. I've never been one to really deal with running Psykers of my own, but if I get in some games in the future, that'll likely change. I mean, I'm a Grey Knights player. They're Psykers all over . . . after the last codex. Incidentally, my last game was shortly before it dropped. I even own a couple Dread Knight boxes, but I haven't gotten around to putting them together. But back to the point, the Psychic Phase sounds like it consolidates and limits some of the crazier things that were being done with Psykers. Eldrad cannot Fortune everyone 4 times a turn.

The Bad

Speaking of Grey Knights and the Psychic Phase, the Aegis now does nothing as Sam brought to my attention. It reduces the Leadership for Psychic tests . . . but Leadership is no longer involved for Psychic tests. I put forth the idea of it cancelling a hit on the test or making hits only on 5+, but that seems awfully effective . . . probably too effective. Sam thought it could give Adamantium Will, but I thought that was a bit too close to what the Sisters do (in fact, they nearly all get it through their Shield of Faith).

Which leads us to a gap in how the Sisters operate with the new Psychic Phase. Deny the Witch, a Sisters specialty, is based on spending Warp Charges. Since the Sisters have a grand total of ZERO Psykers in their list, they get a grand 1d6 Warp Charges to spend on Deny the Witch rolls. This is a bit weak. My solution is to give the Sisters this rule: "Every Unit with the Act of Faith Special Rule is treated as having Mastery Level 1 for purposes of Warp Charge generation." Why Act of Faith instead of Shield of Faith? Simple: it prevents vehicles from generating charges.

The Ugly

I purchased the eBook edition of the 7th Edition rules. As beautiful as Games Workshop's physical books are, their eBooks are awful. I have no experience with the enhanced iPad edition, so they are likely better. Perhaps it is merely a limitation of the formats they use. I have several PDF copies of Paizo's Pathfinder books. They're virtually identical to print copies. The same applies to PDFs of White Wolf / Onyx Path games. Really, it applies to pretty much every other company out there that sells electronic copies of their rules. GW, however, sells the books only in ePub and Mobi formats. Formats designed for straight text. The artistry of the book layout and design is simply lost. Which is truly sad. While GW may make terrible business choices at times, their products are definitely top notch. I cannot say that about their eBooks.


A lot of the new rules aren't very new. Other than a few major changes such as the Psychic Phase, it's sometimes hard to tell where the rules deviate from 6th Edition. It's not too hard to get the feeling that FAQs and errata would get us to the same spot. In a way that's not a bad thing. transitioning from 6th to 7th will not be difficult. I truly love the opportunities that the revised army composition rules allow. The bad part is that some of my favourite armies need some errata to work better in the new paradigm.

And GW really needs to start providing good PDF versions of their eBooks.